This is a personal cosmos with not a hair out of place.
Vivien Raynor, The New York Times, CT Section, September 23, 1990


A collagist is one who, by definition, forms connections.
This Maureen McCabe does in an unprecedented way.

excerpt from The Connecticut Biennial (1989), curated by Nancy Hall-Duncan,
The Bruce Museum, Greenwich, CT


One needs to spend a great deal of time with her work.
They are not quick studies. They are staggering in detail and charged with magnetism, magic, and mystery. Flawlessly executed, they make me think of a great ballet, where it all looks so easy.

excerpt from the catalog for traveling exhibition Connecticut Painting, Drawing and Sculpture,1978,
Virginia Mann Haggin


         You are an artist of consequence.
George Kubler, Professor Emeritus of Art History, Yale University, 1992


Maureen McCabe is a well-known collagist
whose work often incorporates antique materials, talisman, magic relics, personal keepsakes, real gold and silver and much more.
Her works are highly researched, complex and original amalgams of so many elements that one literally needs an explanatory chart to understand them fully.
Even without detailed explanation, however,
these works are about mystery and magic.
The dual focus of McCabe
s upbringing, combining strict Irish Roman Catholic beliefs with superstition, have contributed to the intensely personal and evocative character of her art. She assigns, realigns, and layers meanings to create works that are expressive of her unique ideas and vision.
former curator Michael Monroe of the Renwick Gallery, Smithsonian Institution